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Park Jungsu
28 December 2010 @ 07:40 pm

Name: Park Jungsu ( Leeteuk )
Group/Solo: Super Junior
Journal: eeteuklove
AIM: teukieZAMN

Nation: Water
Race: Bender
Alliance: Neutral
Occupation: None
Pet: Polar Bear Dog
Park Jungsu
28 December 2010 @ 07:24 pm
History: Jungsu grew up with a nice, calming childhood in the Northern Water Tribe. His father was one of the leaders/generals of one of the water tribe water forces. His mother was a bender, who was also one of the most well known healers in the tribe. Whenever someone was hurt, she would be the one people looked for.

Jungsu was the only child, so growing up was a little bit lonely. Although it was lonely, he never let it take the best of him. He would have loved to have a younger brother or sister, but he'd always find a way to have fun. He also never knew that he was a water bender. His parents thought he wasn't so they didn't try to teach him anything.

One day when he was walking around, a group of older kids were bullying him. They were chasing him around and they got him cornered in one of the alley's of the town. Jungsu had nowhere to go and he had no idea what to do. If he screamed for help, surely no one would hear him since they were in one of the secluded areas of the town. When the boys were about to hit him and beat him up, he didn't know what happened, but when he put his own hands up to cover himself, he ended up shielding his whole entire body with water. He stared around him and wondered what the hell just happened, but then when he looked up to where the boys were, they were already gone. Jungsu continued to stand there, confused, until he went back home. The first thing he did was tell his mom, and show her at least some proof that he was indeed a bender.

After he told his mom, his mom told his dad. Once they all knew about it, his mother would go and find a master for his son. This all happened at the age of 12, and the master that was to teach Jungsu thought that it was useless to start teaching him. Because Jungsu was clumsy it was almost impossible for him to master even the most simple moves of waterbending. When taught a basic water whip, Jungsu, instead, would end up hurting himself, and not his target. In the end, his master felt like he couldn't teach him anymore, so he just let him be to teach himself bending.

As Jungsu got older, he tried to train more by himself, but his skills were still the same. His parents loved him dearly, but soon enough his father would think that Jungsu would have no chance to become a warrior. His mother would start to think that Jungsu would just have to help her heal the injured people as well. Even if his waterbending friends tried to help, nothing would work. He would just keep hurting himself no matter how hard he tried.

Personality: Jungsu is a very happy type of person. It's pretty hard to get him super angry, but if he does get mad, then he does get pretty nasty. He is always laughing and smiling, and he has such a distinct and funny laugh, it's hard to just laugh along with him. Laughter is very much contagious when around him. One reason he loves smiling though is to show off his dimple. It's like a deep crater at the bottom left corner of his lips. He was always stopped by the older women of the tribe just to treat him. They all thought he was so cute because of his laugh and his cute dimple smile that just makes other people want to smile too.

Jungsu is also a very clumsy person. As a bender, one would think he should be coordinated, but he really isn't. He also falls so many times, people used to help him, but now whenever he falls, they just leave him alone. Sometimes people laugh at him whenever he falls because his falls are never graceful.

Notes: err.. I am EST time ? I also usually reply fast when i RP, so if i don't reply within around 10 minutes, then poke me first o: .. I'm also shy to poke people first, but unless i really want to plot or play I will.
Park Jungsu
28 December 2010 @ 07:17 pm

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